Open and closed loop Hall Effect current sensors and with Fluxgate technology
Wireless SAW Temperature Sensor
Bi-metallic disc Thermostats hermetically sealed for space application Series 47
System for Food Probe Measurement
Open and closed loop Hall Effect current sensors using High permeability magnetic core (Mumetal Telcon patent)
Sensors available in a range of configurations covering primary currents up to 3000A, providing complete galvanic isolation between the primary conductor and the output circuit
Wireless Sensors
SAW Viscosity Sensors, "plug&play" with the capability of tracking fluid viscosity and temperature in a wide range of fluids including inks, paints, lubricants, hydraulic fluids and fuels
Wireless radio sensors for automatic cable harness testing.Wireless radio sensors of test units are not only more flexible but also more effective into PC-based networkrk sensors and operate with conventional technology

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