We have a passion for innovation which means designing today what the future will be, also in terms of a more efficient production, turning what seems to be impossible into reality.


We share this passion with our Customers. We have a common belief in technology and our daily commitment in developing new solutions are aimed at the community well-being.


Our task is to offer our Customers the best available products together with the most suitable  solutions in order to satisfy their requests. For this purpose we have developed along the years a solid technical competence in specific industrial areas. We are therefore able to offer customised solutions enabling our Customers to distinguish themselves in the market thus gaining important competitive advantages.





We distribute electronic and electromechanical components, professional electronic systems, special products and materials for the manufacturing industries that set up electronic equipment and systems in the public and private industrial sector, in the aerospace and defence sector both on a national and international areas.

Our story

Special-Ind was founded in 1955 in Genoa, at a time when electronics were not the ubiquitous component of our everyday lives that they are today and yet we already sensed the enormous potential.

From then on our goal has been to achieve the highest levels of expertise possible, focusing on certain product lines for specific industrial applications, while continually developing our technical skills so as to be able to develop personalized solutions for our clients.

We are proud to have worked with many prestigious brands over the years. We have done extensive research in the field of new technologies and in the most developed sectors, such as telecommunications, motor vehicles, space, industry and healthcare, thus contributing to the success of major projects of the Italian industry.



Quality is fundamental to the way we do business. It is what pushes us to constantly improve at all levels, from the first contact to after-sales support.
Moreover, many of our clients operate in sectors such as the military, healthcare, transport and telecommunications, where reliability and safety are key and require specific guarantees.

Over the years Special-Ind has passed all the quality audits, obtaining important certifications that validate our quality review system, acknowledge our constant commitment and encourage us to continue to aim for excellence.


More than 60 people work at Special-Ind, each with remarkable technical, commercial and organizational skills.

The experience we have acquired over the many years of activity, as well as our strong sense of teamwork, guarantee not only excellent service for our clients but also the opportunity for our collaborators to grow both professionally and personally.


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