Since 1991 the Korean company SGC Technologies has been a world leader in the engineering and production of a vast range of RF and microwave components for wireless communication, such as coaxial resonators, filters, duplexers or triplexers in mono-block technology, cavity duplexers and triplexers, VCOs, PLLs and Patch antennas. Flexible and rapid product delivery make this company an ideal working partner.

PLL Modules
Coaxial Resonators
Cavity Filters: Pass Band Filters
Monoblock Ceramic Filters 2-3-4 poles up to 6 GHz
Ceramic VCO
Cavity Duplexer, Multiplexer
LC Filters
Ceramic Filters, Duplexer, Coaxial Triplexer resonators up to 6 GHz, SMT version

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