Founded in 2005, StarPower is a leading power module company designing and manufacturing IGBT/MOSFET/IPM/FRD/Rectifier modules and customized modules for applications in the area of inverters, welding machines, inductive heating ,UPS, EV, solar/wind power and etc. in the power range of O.5kW up to more than 1MW.

Custom Power Modules in standard and non standard package
SiC Hybrid Modules: SiC Diodes and IGBT Silicon (Buck and Boost configurations), SiC Diodes (paralel and Anti-parallel, Full Bridge)
Discrete IGBTs (Single and Co-Pack)
Silicon Discretes and Modules: IGBT, MOSFET
Power Modules: Diodes, Bridge, IGBT, MOSFET, Thyristor -all standard circuit configurations
Standard Power Modules

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