Stacked and assembled snubbers
Assembled & stack Capacitors
Ceramic Disc Capacitors
Metallized Polypropylene DC-Link Capacitors
Porcelain & Ceramic Multilayer High-Q Capacitors for microwave and RF applications
Variable Trimmer Capacitors
EDLC Supercapacitors: 2,3V; 2,5V; 2,7V; 3V
Single layer Capacitors for application up to 50 GHz
Power Electronic Film Capacitors: DC Link, AC Filters, Snubber, Low Inductance Series
Supercap Modules: 2,7V; 16V; 48V
QPL MIL Capacitors
Power Factor Correction Capacitors: Motor Capacitors, Lighting Capacitors, ALLPOWER
Filtered Terminal Blocks
Thin Film Capacitors
Electrolytic Capacitors for power applications: snap-in, screw terminals & STUD style

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